The Sawdust Festival

July 18, 2016

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For years my mom has told my sister and I about the sawdust art festival. As a girl I had notions of a quaint, renaissance town. Years later, we finally got the chance to take a walk around and check it out.  There's something really warm and romantic about the rows of lit wooden shops. Each one is custom built and unique to the artist. The experience gives you a really beautiful, insiders view into the uniqueness and brilliance of each designer. One of the things I loved the most was the eclectic array of diversity between pieces and concepts. We've become so accustomed to cookie-cutter. Sometimes it's nice to change perspective and design with an open mind oriented towards decorating with what you love, or what catches your eye, rather than following trends that are common and overdone. 

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Hello Kuo said...

this looks like such a fun place to be! i love seeing people present what they create, and the quaint vibe of the festival really embodies the authenticity of the small artists. and you're a great photographer, btw

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