Bride to Be

July 30, 2016

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Today my bridesmaids and close friends surprised me with a beautiful bridal shower. Everything was absolutely stunning, and I wanted to share a few pictures from the afternoon. My bridesmaids, Kirsten & Jenna are responsible for the beautiful decorations. The whole backyard smelled like fresh eucalyptus. A special thanks to my sister and maid of honor, Chloe for putting all of this together! And to miss Sophie for the desserts and Emily for helping me out with pictures for the day!

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Dress: Target
Decorations: Kirsten & Jenna
Coordination: Chloe
Florals: Temecula Farmer's Market

Paige said...

Wow, what a beautiful shower this looks like! :D It seems like you had a lovely time. What a blessing to have ladies in your life who that show you love this way.

Jenna Leigh said...

BEAUTIFUL! Love the photos, and being apart of your special day! <3 Love you.

Abby said...

Lovely! I like the dress much! Congratulations!

Beverly Houpt said...

Beautiful! And you're so beautiful! Congrats!!

The Shashaguay Sisters said...

How beauteous dear! So excited for you!

the elder sister & sister

Wenni Donna said...

Oh my goodness! Her bridal shower pictures are eye catching. I bet she had cutest bridal shower. You just gave me some interesting goals for my sister’s bridal party. Actually she is marrying soon at the destination NYC wedding venues. Thanks for inspirations.

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