Home for Christmas

December 9, 2015


It's officially time! Finals week is wrapping up, and it's California time. Going home for Christmas is exciting, but also strange. It's amazing how long four months feels when you've been adjusting to a whole different life!

What are your girl's plans for the holiday season?

IMG_2434 IMG_2416 IMG_2422 IMG_2444
Dress and belt: thrifted
Scarf and hat: Forever 21
Shoes: Payless
Katie Lee said...

So adorable!
I love the dress and scarf together, that scarf looks so lovely on you!

Katie | katielikeme.com

Rebecca Henreckson said...

Ahh, this is my favorite place on earth! You look lovely.

Kristian said...

Your hat and scarf are so cute!!! Good luck with finals!

Lorna Sharp said...

Have a wonderful warm winter darling


Rachel Elizabeth said...

This dress us gorgeous! But definitely couldn't go sleeveless in England this time of year.


Leah B said...

What camera do you have?


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