A Fine Pair

December 16, 2015

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Happy Wednesday, Ladies! Well, I thought it was about time to introduce you all to my handsome charmer, Jonathan. We had the opportunity to do a little mini session with Laura Sydney Photography yesterday at a historical site here on campus. 

Speaking of which, how many of you uni gals are headed home for Christmas?

IMG_3807 IMG_3799 IMG_3836 IMG_3819 IMG_3821
Photo Credits: Laura Sydney Photography

Skirt: c/o Romwe (similar)
Shirt: thrifted
Shoes: ModCloth
Minnie Muse said...

Okay....so first off I absolutely LOVE your skirt..literally everything about it. Secondly....these pictures are the cutest things every and I am such a fan of the color combos for your ensembles. Thank you for sharing such charming pictures!

Sophie Botello said...

You look beautiful as always Paisty! Cute pictures!

Marie said...

That was a very sweet photoshoot and as usual, you look amazing!

Abbey Noelle said...

Aw my gosh...you two have got to be the cutest couple on the face of the earth. Also, super loving your outfit and everything about it!!

Anonymous said...

Very sweet! He seems a little camera shy. My husband for instance has always hated me taking his photo (though he is extremely used to it) so sometimes he seems a little awkward in photos. Your boyfriend reminds me of how he is. Perhaps I'm off though!!
You two look sweet. How long have you been together for so far? I'm cheering you on!

Rachel Elizabeth said...

These photo's are gorgeous! I just got engaged and really want to do a couple shoot like this I think they are so nice for little memories and pics round the house!


Amy Ann said...

These are such great photos! You two look good together. I'm a huge fan of anything midi length, so your outfit is totally up my ally.

Laura Mitbrodt said...

You guys look so cute

Kristian said...

You are a lovely looking couple- it is so obvious that you two really enjoy each others' company. You can see it in the eyes :)

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