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August 19, 2015

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Well, it's official! Right now I am on a plane to VA! I'm feeling such a mix of emotions, but more than anything I'm so excited to see what adventures lie ahead.

I thought I'd show you girls a casual Summer outfit option - it has been so crazy hot in Cali over the past week or so. This blue button down is from Dresslink. I love the classic chambray spiced up with some polka dots and lace. And it retails at $7, so you can't beat that! I paired it with these shorts, which if you can believe, I found at Walmart of all places. I love them! I only wish they had more colors in my size.

IMG_6952 IMG_6999 IMG_6973
Top: c/o Dresslink
Shorts: Walmart
Shoes: Just Fab
Earrings: Del Mar Fair
M said...

Wow, I love the wedges, very comfy but still dressy, you look fab!

The Flower Duet

Карина said...

Wonderful photos!))

Добро пожаловать>Baby’s On Fire Blog

Minnie Muse said...

Live this outfit Alex! So simple and chic:) so exciting about heading off to a new adventure and chapter in your life....I wish you all the best!!

Jenna Leigh said...

love that top Alex :) Ahhh im gonna miss you bestie

Ashley Faith said...

I love how you can even make make shorts look so classy! You look gorgeous.

Hannah said...

Such a classy, yet casual outfit. I love it. :)

Sara Strauss {Sincerely, Sara} said...

This top is so cute! Polka dots and lace? Yes please!! Love this darling earrings!
Sincerely, Sara

happyinheels blog said...

Super cute top! I love that look!

Laura Whitman said...

What an adorable top! Good luck moving in - what an exciting adventure! Can't wait to hear all about your college times!


Sarah said...

This outfit is super cute! The top with polka dots and lace has the perfect vintagey vibe whilst still modern! I just recently found your blog and it is superb-your photography is amazing, outfits are stunning, and your personality and trust in God enhance your blog greatly.

I just started my own blog too- in inspiration of a few blogs, yours included!

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