April 29, 2015


I think I'm unintentionally channeling a bumble bee today- haha! I must say, bright colors have really drawn my eye this Spring- especially when I can play them up with fun accents like this top from CNDirect. Yellow, lace, ruffles and a collar? This definitely speaks my language!

I thought it would be cute to pair it with these pretty little shorts from Romwe. I honestly don't own very many shorts, so a new pair was definitely in order! I love these because the soft material is super comfy, but the chic black shade keeps things dressy.

Collagebb IMG_2641 IMG_2674 IMG_2676 IMG_2671

Life this time of year is so nutty in my neck of the woods- I can't wait until things simmer down this Summer. Being busy is a great thing, but it can also be super stressful. I wish I could spend more time following other blogs, maybe I'll be able to get back into the swing of things soon. I miss seeing what all of your are up to!

IMG_2685 IMG_2691 IMG_2706 IMG_2714
Shirt: c/o CNDirect
Hat: Wet Seal
Shorts: c/o Romwe
Flip Flops: Walmart

The Boyer Sisters said...

SO cute! And I love your backdrop! Fruit groves are always so photogenic ;)

I purchased myself some adorable bright aqua blue, high-waisted shorts at the thrift store recently, that I can't wait to wear this Summer!


Madison said...

Oh how I love these pictures and colors! The oranges were a great addition:)

Unknown said...

This is a super cute outfit! ♥ I'm loving the vibe from this entire post!

OldFashionGirl said...

That shirt is so cute! Looks awesome!

Jenna Leigh said...


Vicki said...

Love your outfIt! Tha top is adorable.

Vicki Grace

Mika said...

Love your shirt a lot!


Grace K. said...

Love that hat! Black + yellow is always such a fun combination.

Anonymous said...

Hey Alex,
I was wondering if you could do a Shirley Temple hair tutorial. I am trying to do it with my hair and am struggling. PLEASE HELP!!!

TiffIma said...

This outfit is everything! That shirt is beautiful!


The Hart Farm said...

I wish we had an orange grove around here but I don't even know where to find one in Texas... probably not the best state for fruit of that sort. Ha! This is a really cute outfit and very fun photo shoot!

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