A Spot of Tea

April 22, 2015


Care to join me for tea this morning? To be honest, drinking tea from this pretty mug my friends gave me ups the enjoy-ability factor by 100 ;)

I pulled these 1950s pedal pushers from the collection I am photographing for Moxie 2 Runway Vintage-- I've had my eye on them for a long time, and couldn't resist doing a shoot before sending them back to their loving home <3 Aren't they so adorable? And they're available for purchase, so snatch them up quick!

Collageb IMG_2545

I'm loving this simple, flowing white blouse from Romwe for Spring. It's nice to have comfortable and classy go-to pieces this time of year. Plus, it is always fun to mix and match staple pieces with fun colors and patterns.

IMG_2507 IMG_2492 IMG_2538 IMG_2543 Collagec
Shirt: c/o Romwe

Kristian said...

Another great photo shoot- and featuring tea and stationery! Two of my favorite things :)

The Boyer Sisters said...

So fun! Those pedal pushers are so whimsical and cute!


Madison said...

Oh I so loved everything about this ensemble and post...from the adorable mug to the fabulous setting. Totally cheery!

Chloe said...

Darling! Somehow you pull off the vintage look like nobody else can :) :)

Hannah said...

I love the blue color! :)
www.diyweekendfun.blogspot.com <---(just started that blog.)

Tamara said...

This outfit is so adorable! The colors look so good on you :).


Unknown said...

Love it <3

Paige said...

What cute colorful pedal pushers! :) They have that vintage summer look.

TiffIma said...

Those pants are beautiful!


Anonymous said...

I remember when I was 12 and my mom told me about how she wore pedal pushers when they first came out. I looked everywhere for them because I started to watch Gidget all the time and such. I couldn't find them and tried to create my own. Suddenly two years later they started to sell them and I was so excited. They stopped selling them the following year and I wore mine until they died 4 years later (I've been the same pants size since I was 13). I haven't found a pair since... :(
These are gorgeous!! I love the color!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I've been unofficially following your blog for the past year--I find your fashion sense beautiful as well as your photography style. Just a quick question: What do you do with your hair? It looks so healthy? And is it naturally curly or straight?

Alexandra Marie said...

@justicepirate.com Oh my goodness, such a cute story! They are super hard to find!

Alexandra Marie said...

@anonymous Thank you so much! My hair used to be really damaged until I cut it all off two years ago and grew it back out. I honestly don't even use any special products - just a basic shampoo and conditioner lol! It's naturally curly/wavy/frizzy (fun mix right)? These days I blow dry it and then use a straightening iron :)

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