Hey, It's Wednesday!

March 4, 2015


I can't help but feel like Wednesday Adams in this LBD from Romwe! I decided to pair it with a white button down shirt for a collar- sometimes these little details just make the outfit. There's nothing like a simple, little black dress, especially on those days when you just can't decide what to wear. A little black dress instantly makes an outfit classy and feminine.

In addition, I thought I'd add a pop of color with this super pretty mint coat from Sheinside. This lovely coat has a bit of a BouclĂ© feel to it, which I adore. Sometimes texture really makes a piece stand out.

Collage IMG_6092 IMG_5868 IMG_5885 IMG_5947

Finally, I paired this outfit with a necklace from A Pocket of Whimsy. Alexis' necklaces never disappoint! I am smitten with this gorgeous piece. That's a real flower hanging out in the bottle! Does it get any more charming than that?

Dress: c/o Romwe
Coat: c/o Sheinside
Necklace: c/o A Pocket of Whimsy
Hat: Forever 21 {simular}
Purse: c/o Dress V
Shirt: old

Emma Deer said...

The collar definitely completes this outfit! Very cute!

Bethany Carson said...

I especially like the B&W photo!

Damaris // The cat, you and us said...

Love how it looks extra Wednesday Addams with the white shirt underneath! I would definitely pick this as inspiration for my lbd :) the bootle necklace is also sooo pretty!

Damaris | The cat, you and us

Ashley Faith said...

I ADORE your coat. So pretty and feminine. This whole outfit is gorgeous!

Syd said...

Perfection! Love the necklace!

Aurè said...

hello,ciao Alexandra...great post with beautiful photos...and...your style is magic!...so charming...so breathtaking...this outfit make shine your charisma...cheers!

Georgiana said...

Hello, I nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award over here at my blog. I hope I made your day and you won´t mind to participate in this blog meme. I hope you will enjoy it. Have a great day!

Carley Lee said...

Your hair is looking SO great these days, Alex! (not that it didn't look great before, I'm just loving this length on you!)
Gorgeous as always :)

Stephanie said...

Wow! The black and white photo is stunning! You are an inspiration. Hugs to you!

Laura Whitman said...

That dress is so cute and very Wednesday-esque! Also, I'm loving that necklace, so unique and gorgeous!


Samantha Denise said...

You have a great blog! As a blossoming blog photographer, it's inspiring to see how other bloggers do things.


Samantha Collard said...

Cute outfit! I love the shade of the coat! Your makeup is gorgeous as always!

Polly Bland said...

your necklace ahhh!!! I am obsessed!

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