Broken Soles

February 4, 2015

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I am excited to be reviewing my experiences with eShakti again today! I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to feature one of their beautiful dresses last April. Both dresses I have received from eShakti have been so lovely and fit marvelously. This particular dress was a bit long on me, but a quick hemming job fixed it up real quick. 

I am sad to say my little thrift store heels have seen better days- the sole completely fell off on the shoot- trust me- wandering through a hilly, grassy field in broken high heels is actually quite a task- ha ha! 

IMG_4502 IMG_4562

It feels like Spring has arrived here in So Cal- it's been so warm and sunny lately- even a little bit on the hot side. I am very grateful to be avoiding snow and freezing February temperatures. Gotta love Cali!

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Dress: c/o eShakti
Hat: Wet Seal (similar)
Shoes: thrifted
Necklace: A Pocket of Whimsy
Hannah Barta said...

Oh my dear, you are so beautiful! I love the pose where you put your hand against the "mirror" -- very original. This dress is perfect on you, too. Yay for successful reviews!

dance a real

Sammi said...

You look gorgeous, and this dress is lovely on you. I am so jealous of your weather right now... I'm surrounded by mountains of snow and very gray skies!

xox Sammi

Laura Whitman said...

That dress is adorable on you! I love the blue detailing - so beautiful! I'm jealous of the gorgeous weather that you are having - we had a foot of snow yesterday!

Also, sorry to hear about your shoes. That is always so sad when a beloved pair of shoes bite the dust. :(


Bethany Carson said...

It does look like spring there! We're still buried in snow, so it's nice to hear that there's hope of warmer weather on the way. Love the photo above where you mention spring. And sorry to hear about your shoes breaking down on you! I come up with so many great thrift store finds in the way of shoes, but they don't usually last nearly as long as I'd like. Just when they start growing on me, they start falling apart!

Bronwyn said...

Your outfits and photos are just so beautiful!

Sophia M. said...

Just beautiful! I love that dress. Wow, we have sooooo much snow here, lucky you. ;) Wow! Love this post! You are so pretty, I want to BE you! Haha.


Hannah said...

I love eShakti, they have some of the most adorable clothes! I got my choir dress from there, and I love it to death. :)
Great outfit, so pretty as always!

Kyra said...

You're so beautiful!! Feel a little bit jealous of you having sun and me having snow and rain. :-)

Jordy said...

You are so beautiful! I just happened to stumble upon your blog now, but I'm already in love! <3

Kristian said...

Lovely - and fun color combo.

Tiffany Ima said...

You look so beautiful! I really love your lip color and your hair looks great as well!

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