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February 11, 2015

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I had so much fun on this shoot- often there are just days where I walk away from snapping outfit photos and feel so inspired. Sometimes discovering a new location can do this for me- other times it can be as simple as coming back with photos I really like. I think this photo spot has such a neat, Mediterranean feel to it. 

Today I am featuring this lovely skirt and blouse from Romwe. I love the combination of the heather gray and cream rose skirt. Lately it seems like my style has grown up a little bit- I am still an avid vintage gal, but I've been really enjoying joining vintage style with modern trends. I feel like this combination lends a touch of sophistication to a style that can sometimes come across a bit more on the costume"y" side. 

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This super pretty necklace and earring set was sent to me from the ever lovely, Cati of Scrap Cati. I am in love with her beautiful Spring collection, and plan to feature a few more pieces in the coming weeks.

IMG_4819 IMG_4860 IMG_4834 Collage
Top: c/o Romwe
Skirt: c/o Romwe
Necklace & earrings: c/o Scrap Cati
Bracelet: Francesca's
Pumps: Payless
Korallia CorallBlogs said...

SO lovely! I felt inspired too from this dreamy shoot!

x Korallia

Bethany Carson said...

Love the outfit, and the location is perfect!

Samantha Collard said...

What a lovely skirt! I love the whole outfit!

The Boyer Family Singers said...

Oh Alex, how is it that everything you wear is always to, to, too impeccable?! You look drop-dead gorgeous in this outfit, and I absolutely adore everything about this shoot! So inspiring!!


Jenna Condon said...


Miranda said...

Beautiful! That skirt is just perfect.


Madison McQuary said...

Oh how utterly charming, I am inspired!!! :) You are perfectly right about that picture spot, it is completely perfect. I love days when I am left inspired by the pictures my camera captures, and new spots for picture taking make my day. As always you look simply stunning, and I absolutely adore that skirt!!!

Lauren said...

I absolutely love your sweater in this post! So lovely!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful! love the contrast in this outfit,it's gorgeous.Beautiful location as well(:

Anonymous said...

Hey Alex!
And yes, Indeed! this skirt is as gorgeous on the photo as it is in real life! I loved it on you when I saw you that Sunday!
You rock that skirt girl!

Wishing you a lovely week!

Anonymous said...

I love all the pieces in this outfit, and while I would never have thought to pair them together, the finished look is gorgeous!

cestMoi Sandy said...

Hello Alex!
Just left a comment above... but it went as anonymous! Did not meant to go like that LOL.
(Just not my style)

P.s. I just checked out your photography website! Such inspiration! Awesome work!
God Blessed you with amazing talent!

Mary said...

Cute as always!


Celia said...

pretty! great photoagrahpy!!!
check out my blog @celiaboldizar.blogspot.com


Sara Strauss {Sincerely, Sara} said...

I am obsessed with your skirt! It's so feminine and fun! Florals are my weakness!

Paige said...

This is so pretty! Brilliant combination of neutral and floral.

Emelie Claire said...

Lovely. Absolutely lovely! I am loving that adorable skirt, captures your personality so well I think.

Jamie Rose D. said...

This photo spot really is pretty! Your locations always are though. I really love how feminine and gorgeous this outfit is. Your floral skirt is wonderful. This whole photo set has a cheerful spring vibe!

Jamie | PetitePanoply.com

Hannah Batchelder said...

Wow, super gorgeous! I'm loving your outfits. :) I found you through the Boyer Family Singers.

Sara said...

The darling-ness of this outfit is almost incomprehensible. And the location is gorgeous.

Mariah Alysz said...

This skirt is just a dream! I adore it and you styled it perfectly!
<3 Mariah Alysz
Rya Pie

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