Little White Dress

January 21, 2015

IMG_9501 IMG_9585b Jan

'Tis another lovely Wednesday morning, which means it's time for another outfit post! I admit, today was even a little chilly for this outfit. It's been sunshine all week long, and then yesterday the clouds rolled in. Nonetheless, I am thinking this will be a great little ensemble for Spring.

This lovely custom dress is from Foxglove & Gingersnap. Isn't that the cutest name ever? This classic, eyelet beauty traveled all the way from England to my sunny little home in Cali. Rachel custom made the dress to my measurements, and she did an unbelievable job! The quality of this piece is 100% on point- definitely recommend checking out her shop!

IMG_9634 IMG_9733 Collagebb IMG_9828 IMG_9824

I can act serious while laying down in the grass-- that is until my sister informs me that I look dead. Then it's all down hill from there- haha!

Shoes: ModCloth
Necklace sunglasses: gift
Hat: etsy
Belt: Papaya
Earrings: Forever 21
Mary said...

I love everything about your outfit! So pretty!

The Boyer Family Singers said...

Your sister's comment made me smile :) It reminds me so much of how my sisters and I interact during a photoshoot ;)

Love that ensemble! You look absolutely stunning!


Madison McQuary said...

LOVE this dress!!!
Just wondering on the flip side of fashion,I have a photography question: How on earth do you get the backgrounds of your pictures to be so perfectly out of focus???? Your pictures are always so perfect!!

Ashley Faith said...

Adorable! You are gorgeous.

Sophia M. said...

How are you so pretty? I must know your secrets! Wow! Your posts are all beautiful, and you have great clothes! LOVE! I seriously love this blog. Can't get enough.


Hannah Justina said...

You are so stinkin' stunning!


Hannah Barta said...

You just look amazing. No surprise, you always do ;)

dance a real

Jamie Rose D. said...

You look gorgeous! This white eyelet dress is so classic and pretty. I bet you'll get tons of wear out of it for years to come.

Jamie |

Jenna Condon said...

Love the dress

Alice said...

Absolutely stunning! I love everything about your outfit!

Emmy Klahn said...

Gorgeous!! :) what camera do you have??

Laura Whitman said...

You look so adorable! I love that dress. Hehehe, that picture of you giggling in the grass is perfect, especially since it has such a funny memory behind it!


Taylor Hart said...

Gosh, you always look so amazing! I love the different angles in this photo shoot... really beautiful!

Kristian said...

So lovely! And like Taylor said, the different angles is great.

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