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January 23, 2015


Hey Girlies! Today I'm bringing you the thrift haul video I promised you on Facebook this week! These are some great finds I scored at Good Will recently- the most expensive piece I got was $6 bucks. It just goes to show you that it is possible to shop on a budget!

diane said...

Too cute for words! Can't pick a favorite find. Probably the polka dot shirt. No, the coat. Oh, I forgot about the sweater with the white trim! Ohhhh, I give up!

The Boyer Family Singers said...

Oh my stars, you are SO CUTE! And I love your *humility* ;)

Really put a smile on my face, Alex! And I know what you mean about the difference between retail & thrift store shopping! I have SUCH a hard time spending more than $20 on a piece of clothing because I have been so spoiled with thrift store shopping ;D


Elizabeth Anne D. said...

Oh my gosh, this is all so gorgeous, and it makes me want to go thrift shopping again, I haven't been in a while. I actually, don't really shop unless I'm going to a thrift store or old navy. XD

laura redburn said...

love the floral top, and that coat is loooovely!

Sophia M. said...

Just gorgeous! Nice finds. I nominated you for an award, I think you deserve it.
LOVE your blog!

Anonymous said...

Hi !

I love the dress, this the dots ! So cute :)

You did good deals, congrats :)

See you soon

AVY said...

Pretty things, I love the coat.


Emelie Claire said...

That was adorable! You totally got this video making thing down girl. Hahaha. Ahhh, you're even more funny and "miss personality" on video then I imagined you and I most certainly would love to meet you one day.

Emelie Claire said...

Oh, and I LOVED the song you added towards the fav!

Emelie Claire said...

K. Last comment.....but I forgot to mention how happy I was to find someone else that loves thrift store shopping as much as myself! You find ten times more then at regular stores for half the price or less! <3 And you obviously found some killer deals! *thumbs up* TTYL!

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