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December 4, 2012

Hi everybody! I am very excited to say that I am officially co-blogging with Jenna from A Beautiful Heart. We have started a blog called Simply Enchanted. It's more geared toward style so all you fashionistas should come check it out! We would love it if you followed <3
Leighanna Rose said...

Totally. Going. To. Follow. it. now:)

Leighanna Rose said...

ALEXANDRA!!! I just saw your new blog (following it now btw:))
AND SAW YOU LIVE IN SOCAL???? What city do you live in? (or by if you feel uncomfortable!)
EMAIL ME GIRLY! IF you live close to me, we've gotta meet!

Hilda said...

Just followed and commented. Awesome blog! Good job! :D

Alexandra Marie said...

Emailed you <3

Alexandra Marie said...

Thanks Hilda!

Hilda said...

You're welcome. :D

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