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November 20, 2012

So I am sending out an official apology- I hosted an adspace giveaway for my blogoversary back in September. But I never did announce a winner ( to be honest, I sort of forgot;-) So I did the drawing today and I have a winner! It's Emma from Living Fully By Faith! I'll just use your blog button- so now I'm off to put it up ( it will stay there for 30 days) Congrats!
Emma said...


Jenna Condon said...

wow what A great idea Alex. I miht have to steel it haha :D Remind me again what we had to do in order to win this prize?

Alexandra Marie said...

Thanks! To celebrate the 1 yr. anniversary of my blog- I had everyone leave a comment. Then whoever left a comment was entered in a drawing for an adspace:-)

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