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October 9, 2012

Hi everyone- I hope you are having a lovely day! Today I was thinking that I would really love to host a photography q&a session on Beautiful in God's Eyes. I tried something similar to this before, but I didn't get a very good turnout. I am hoping that things go a little better this time since I have a lot more followers than before.

So here's how this works. Think of a question, anything at all and leave it in a comment below. You can ask as many or as little as  you want as long as it is photo related. This means photo editing, dealing with clients, camera settings, dealing with lighting, etc.

Please, please participate! I look forward to hearing your questions!
Ruby J. Plank said...

I was wondering what you use to edit your pictures and what camera you use

Ice Girl said...

How do you take bokeh photos?

cestMoi Sandy said...

I would love to know how you can get the background behind the object totally black or even white.
For so long I have been wondering about that... also... I managed it once to get a butterfly nice in color and completely sharp with a super black background. It was beautiful... now I would love to achieve that with people too.

Chloe Ann said...

What is wrong with selective color? I have heard this is a big no no in the professional world of photography-- why is this?

Anonymous said...

Okay, I have heard that it is bad to use auto black and white or sepia--- how do you make your black and whites so nice? also, how do you make the picture vibrant, without making the subject look red or orange in completion? Thanks!

Kylie said...
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