Photography Q&A Answers!

October 16, 2012

  1. What is wrong with selective color? I have heard this is a big no no in the professional world of photography-- why is this?

    A. Well, this is sort of a tough question. There isn't necessarily anything wrong with selective color-- I've seen it executed very nicely on some people's work. For me personally, I don't like how it looks with my photographs. So it really is just a personal preference thing :-)

    Okay, I have heard that it is bad to use auto black and white or sepia--- how do you make your black and whites so nice? also, how do you make the picture vibrant, without making the subject look red or orange in completion? Thanks!

    A. Ahh, auto black and white/sepia-- I guess it is sort of a pet peeve of mine haha. So many people use the auto effects and they really just are not flattering to a photograph. Here is how I like to do it. Using Picmonkey, I go to the auto sepia and click on the effect. Then I drag the little circle for color selection all the way to the bottom right corner. This creates sort of a contrast-lacking black and white. Then I go to cinema-scope  Click this effect and remove the vignette  Then add an auto black and white overlay. What this does is it brightens the picture, creates a unique look and breaks away from those typical effects :-)

Jenna Condon said...

I loved the way you answered this :))))

Alexandra Marie said...

@Jenna Condon Thanks!

Lacey said...

Hey there! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Yours is lovely :) I love your photography and fashion posts.

Alexandra Marie said...

Oh, thank you so much!

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