Sweet Sixteen

August 4, 2012

For about 6 months I have been planning my 16th birthday party-- I know right? A long time! haha. Mostly because I have been looking for things at garage sales which needs a lot more time than buying everything at the store. So finally after all of the garage sales, shopping and crafting I had my party yesterday! It was a little early, o.k. a lot early-- four months to be exact. But I did it this way for two reasons...
1. At least half or so of my guests are leaving for college in the fall and I didn't want them to miss it-- they are such dear friends!
2. I wanted to do an outdoor party, that's sort of hard for December-haha

Anyways, I had a great time. I had everyone bring a dish that they made so it was like a little potluck. And the candy bar, well let's just say I saw it on a wedding TV show about a year ago and knew I had to incorporate it into some sort of party. It was perfect for this occasion! We played some games and then had some fun in the photobooth. I took a lot of the detail shots and then the people shots are mostly my aunt and my sister. I may have more pictures coming soon, but I just had to share these now!
Love lots! Alex

Ps. I posted lots, my apologies-- I got a little carried away!
PSS. This is the dress I got from ModCloth. It was my very special gift from my Mom <3

 Twirly dresses <3

Bathroom break haha

I should have better group pics coming soon!

 Bubble gum game-- so yes I am chewing a huge wad of gum haha

 Still chewing gum!

Blue tongue!

Laura played a lovely piece from a play she was recently in called, A Russian Musical-- so pretty!

Played a game where everyone had to write something silly for me to do. Then when they turned them in, the game took a twist! I drew out five and whoever's card I drew out had to do what they wrote down themselves! Paula wanted me to dance like a monkey so....

Jordan wanted me to run around the trees singing, We are the Titans-- Catie came along for moral support

 Had to post this! Makes me laugh <3

Love those glasses on Tanya <3

Quick funny story-- the sprinklers came on at the tail end! So we all scrambled to move the party to the parking lot. I couldn't resist snapping some pics-- even if they are a little blurry!

 Jordan hopping across the hard rocks :-b

And finally--- at the end of the night Laura stuck around to follow us home ( we live pretty close) and while we were packing up she and Chloe ran out into the sprinklers-- again, how could I resist pics?

Chloe Jacqueline said...

Gorgeous gorgeous photos! It looks like you had a GREAT time! Everything was beautiful!

Alexandra Marie said...

Thank you so much!

Jordan E. said...

What an absolutely GORGEOUS sweet 16 party!! :) I LOVE the photos. Looks like so much fun! My 16th was spent with my two closest friends. Of course that was almost 5 years ago! ha ha. I'm going to really enjoy your blog. :)

Alexandra Marie said...

Thank you so much! Your 16th sounds really special too! It's amazing how time flies isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Beautiful party for a beautiful girl! Thank you to our church (Calvary Chapel Bible Fellowship) for allowing us to use this gorgeous venue to celebrate Alexandra's birthday! It made it SO extra special! We have the most awesome church family!!! Alexandra, you did such an amazing job with planning all of this, right down to every detail. You are SO talented! I love you SOOOOOO much sweetie!!! Love, Mom :-)

Alexandra Marie said...

Thank you mum-- love you!

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