Family Fun

August 23, 2012

 I know that lifestyle blogging can be tiresome for those who don't know you personally, but I really wanted to share these photographs. Roughly Two weeks ago my uncle came to visit. So the whole family trekked down to LA for the day ( tehee, that rhymes) to bring him home for the week. It was sort of strange to be in the city. The lifestyle is SO different than here in the Riverside area. But for a visit, it's pretty fun :-) We ate at a lovely restaurant to celebrate the occasion.

One more thing to note: The torches we are holding in the pictures near the bottom are actual Olympic torches!!! I can't remember from what years but I thought it was pretty cool. And I actually made it into a picture!

Otter Days said...

Hey! Alexandra Marie! I don't know if you saw, but you got a blog award! I really hope you saw it!

I love your photography!

`Otter Days

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