Easy Hair Tutorials

August 5, 2012

Here are some fun, easy ways to do up your hair!

1. Spit into 3 parts

2. Braid all three sections

3. Braid all three parts together and fasten-- voila!

1. Put hair in high pony tail and then split into two sections. Braid both.

 2. Wrap one braid around pony tail holder. Then wrap the other. Tuck in the ends to conceal hair ties.
3. Secure with bobby pins and your done!

Storyteller said...

Cool! I love the hairdos. Your blog's so pretty!
And of course The Story Club. Thanks for visiting!

Alexandra Marie said...

Thank you so much! And thank you for following-- it means a lot! Will check out your other blogs. Hey by the way, my friend over at a http://abeautifulheart07.blogspot.com/ is just starting out and looking for followers-- you should check her out!

Kalen said...

I like the three braid thing! I tried it, but I think I need to practice it a few times before I get it to look as perfect as the one in the pic. =D

Alexandra Marie said...

Thanks! Yea, I actually had to do it a few times too- haha. Hair stuff always looks easier than it is <3

Alexandra Marie said...

And thank you for following!!

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