ModCloth Review

July 17, 2012

So I purchased my first ever dress from ModCloth today. I am super excited! I have had such a phenomenal experience with this company! The Customer service is fantastic! The website has a live chat option which I use ALL of the time. It is so helpful and the C.S reps are super friendly and knowledgeable. They are more than willing to work with you-- they told me how many of each size they had left, the exact measurements and even helped me find the right size for me personally! They have a great return policy which includes free shipping back. And their products are so beautiful and unique! In case anyone is interested, you get 10 dollars off your first purchase with them :-) Anyways, I would highly recommend this company to all of you.
Jenna Condon said...

Ohh what dress did you buy?

Mandy Heth said...

I love ModCloth's mission and how it got it's start. As a fellow vintage lover and seller I have many of the same aesthetics and strive to one day be even a smidge as successful!

Alexandra Marie said...

How fun! I hope you have great luck in your business! Your link told me that that page didn't exist- is there maybe a different link you could give me? I would love to see your shop! <3 alex

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