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June 9, 2012

WOW! I've realized how much art I have done since my last post by taking pictures of it all. I have been drawing about a picture a day. Some of them take a little longer. These are all for my book-- I'm not planning to illustrate-- these are just to help me visualize for now. They are sort of shiny because I took the pics while they were in slip covers. Also, these were taken with my grandma's camera so some of them are a little blurry. I've actually come up with some new things for my book by drawing these! It's so much fun <3

My camera is coming back on Wednesday by the way, I will update you as to whether or not it is working. Please keep praying!!

BTW, I will bold and color the names of the characters above each pic to avoid confusion :-)

             "Bethan made for herself a target, and did not remove her eyes from it as she sped fourth."

Larissa ( Bethan's Mother)
"Often her mother followed along as well, keeping the trip lively with her laughter."

“Don’t be so sure. Perhaps I know something you don’t.”

Sir Peterson
 "The stable was dark and musty inside. A strong odor of staw wafted up to the vaulted ceilings.
      " Ah!" a voice came out of nowhere " It is the little princess then is it?" A handsome and tall middle-aged man emerged from the dark."

"In this light she had a chance to observe James's features with more detail. He had a squared jaw line and dark hair. His eyes were a piercing blue and his completion was light. He did not have the looks of a Yarisian and an overwhelming familiarity swarmed about him."

Bethan and James

Bethan and James

Bethan and Joshua as Children
"Joshua was a storyteller and Bethan would listen intently at his tales."

Bethan and Women at the Recruit
"Here she could see a line of people, about twenty or so, handcuffs fastened to a single, long chain. Each looked bewildered, some of them trembling, others sobbing."

Bethan and Sir. Peterson
Bethan smiled at Mr. Peterson, a tear slipping from her eye. He reached out his arms, which Bethan gratefully accepted. 


Bethan and Sir. Peterson
Bethan lowered her head. When she raised it once again, the color was drained from his face and she knew that her friend was gone. 

Bethan and Joshua

Oke doke, I hope that was enough to get you all a little excited about the book-- I gave away some main parts ( shame on me.) ;-) Have a great weekend!

Jenna Condon said...

OMG Alex this is amazing :)

Alexandra Marie said...

Thank you so much!

Paulina said...

It took me a while to get here, but I'm glad you left up your old posts. I have been enjoying them. : )
Your drawings are so good!
Did you ever finish your book?
I used to write a lot in high school...but I have ADD with writing...I started three different novels but then quit after a few chapters because I got bored and had new ideas.

Alexandra Marie said...

@Paulina Oh my goodness, wow! You went really far back! It's funny- I have always been that way too- but when I started this book (first book I ever finished a first draft on) I just knew it was a story that needed to stick- weird I know lol! I still have a copy on Microsoft- I was working with an editor and then she got busy- it's probably been a year since I've worked on it haha!

Paulina said...

I hope you get a chance to publish it! I would definitely buy. : )

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