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May 1, 2012

Wow! This week has just flown by! It feels like I haven't done a real blog post in forever. I know I have been sort of lazy with blogging lately, but I've been so busy. A quick recap... I went to the "Wag-a-thon" ( a dog event in Dana point that I will post pics of really soon), read a book in one week, studied for a really hard science test, shot senior pics for my friend ( which I will also be posting pics of soon) and had classes and church all in between! I am hoping that summer will bring me more time to come up with fun things for you all. I am excited to say that my blog has reached a total of 15 public followers! Thank you to everyone who follows, I appreciate your support so much!

Well, I will work on getting some new things up here really soon, ( in the meantime, my sister is using the battery cord to my laptop with all the pics on it, ha ha)

I "mustache" you to excuse me, I am off to edit photos <3

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