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March 16, 2012

   Last night I just felt like drawing something. Actually, I used to draw a lot but lately I've been so busy. I found this really pretty painting of repunzel (above) from the movie Tangled. I love that movie; it makes me laugh every time! So that is what I decided to draw. I started out with a pencil outline and then filled it in with prismacolors. I am fairly happy with it, although when I compare them side by side my version doesn't really look like her. Oh well, I think the hair is obvious enough to save me there!

This is the pencil sketch I did before I colored it in

Here it is filled in with prismacolor pencils. The image was pretty faint so I decided to go over it with black gel pen ( photo after the one below)

Here is my final product. I did the dress a little different because I wanted it to be signature to my style.

Tonight I found this sketch and thought I'd draw it as well :-D The original sketch is below

I did this drawing the same way I did the first. I started with a pencil sketch, colored it in with prismacolors and then outlined it in gel pen.

What new art projects have you been working on?
Harley said...
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Harley said...

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