Closet Callenge #5 Crazy Eye Shadow Art

March 11, 2012

I am a little sad because my mom is trimming our tree. And by trimming I mean cutting massive branches down. The worst part is that the tree is covered in little white blossoms that are so pretty! Needless to say I simply had to do a photoshoot with my tree before it looks like a character from dr. suess :-b Part of a big branch was handing down so I used that as well as an oleander bush in our backyard. Fun <3

  The piece from my closet that I am "featuring" for the challenge today is a blue maxi skirt that I never wear. Surprisingly-- it is sort of cute. I think I'll keep it <3 Oh yes and the eye shadow is crazy, I know! I would NEVER wear it out in public but thought it would be fun for a photo shoot. ha ha
    I took all of the pictures my self so they are a little grainy ( partly because I had them on continuous shot and self timer-- not a good combo!)

This is my favorite picture because it has good clarity is comparison with the others. Good old shade -- my best friend! ha ha

Monica said...

So, so beautiful! I can't believe you took these yourself!

Alexandra Marie said...

thanks Monica <3

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