February 22, 2012

   Want to know how to make this adorable pendant? Here is a short tutorial-- so easy!

What You Need:

Pendant ( I used a pendant that I removed the cameo from)
Chalboard scrapbooking paper (you can find this at michaels)

Take the pendant and trace the outline over the paper. Cut out the shape you drew. Now start to size it down little by little until it fits inside the rim of the pendant. Color sharpie on the inside of pendant before you glue in the paper-- this will help so that if you cut a little to small you won't be able to tell. Now squeeze a little glue inside of the pendant and press the paper down firmly. Glue with probably come up around the paper so have a little tissue ready. Wipe up the excess glue. Now write a message with your chalk and your done!

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