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February 19, 2012

    How was your week? I know for me it's been pretty busy... studying, work, etc. Honestly I am a little sad my weekend is ending, but I am happy about the things I accomplished over the last couple of days. Firstly, I have found some great crafting websites and my brain is now filled with all sorts of wonderful ideas to share with you all. Secondly, I have been working on some little details in my room-- a new lampshade, wall stuff and little trinkets.
     Of course I worked out some time for garage diving, which turned out to be very rewarding! I took some basic pictures but I plan to post some detailed ones later-- since what I found is very much deserving of a spotlight.

So the first thing i'll share with you are the super cool papers I found at Michaels. The first one is corkboard scrapbooking paper. I just framed it without the glass. Then I put a thin magazine behind it before I put the back of the frame on so that a thumbtack can fit inside. The second paper is a chalkboard paper. So this means I can frame it and use it like a chalkboard! Of course if you want to do this-- I advise you carefully choose what you want to write on the board because the paper scratches easily. I don't think it can hold up to severeal uses. The third paper is my favorite! Who doesn't love the crazy mustache fad? I decided to replace the newspaper in my perfume tray with this because I love it just that much! :-b

     The other thing I did this weekend was a super fun flag bunting strand ( I think that is what it is called.) This didn't cost me a cent. All I did was pick up a ton of different colored paint chips and then cut out little flag shapes from them. Then I threaded them all together and hung them on thumbtacks!

By the way, you can sort of see how I framed those papers here :-D

     Now, have you been just dying to know what I found deep in my garage? Ready?

    Look vintage to you? Well, that's because it is! This jewelry belonged to my great grandmother!! I wish you could see how this stuff sparkles! Opening the box was like opening a case of diamonds. In total there are four crystal necklaces, four broaches, a braclet and three pairs of earrings. What a find! As I said before, I will post more pics of each piece individually a little later so that you can see them all :-D

     My garage dive also led me to some other costume jewelry from the 80's. I know it doesn't sound so appealing, but surprisingly a lot of it looks just like what is "in" now! I will post pics of those later as well :-D

Well, I'm off--I must enjoy the last few hours of my weekend before the week begins again! Goodnight ya'll <3

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