My Saturday Morning

February 4, 2012

So I woke up early this morning, ( for a Saturday anyways ;-b) and I decided to clean out my closet and re-organize. I was surprised to see how much better it looks and how easy it was! 

These are "before" pictures. I don't have an image of my clothes in the closet before but I can assure you that the hangers were sticking out every which way, ha ha :-D

So the first thing I will show you is my jewelry display. I simply have placed tacks in the wall of my closet. Then I hang jewelry on the tacks. It is very simple and soo useful! Especially when I am in a hurry and need to quickly grab a pair of earrings or something. Unfortunately over time I have moved jewelry around so that my display looks pretty messy ( as you can see above.) So I took all the jewelry down and re-placed the tacks so that they are nice and even.

Next I took the jewelry and organized it by color...

Then I started hanging up the jewelry like this, blue necklaces on a tack, gold necklaces on a tack, etc.

So I know to you, it probably doesn't look that much better but in person it made a big difference! 

If you have any hats that can't be folded and placed in a drawer, ( like a beret) here is a trick I use. I have a cloche hat that I have no room for so I look for a tag on the inside of the hat-- near the rim. Then I take a tack and stick it through the tag, and place the tack in the wall. Then I pull the brim over it and it hangs like this...

The next thing I did for my closet was cleaning out my main shelf ( I have shelves running up the center of my closet.) It was super messy and the space was not being utilized very well. 

Sooo... I pulled everything out and started organizing my over-abundance of nail polish! lol 

What I did was I went through and decided which ones I use the most. The ones didn't use too often, I set aside...

These are the ones I ended up keeping, which I organized by color...

Then I placed them all into a little white tray...

Ok, so I will admit it, my favorite things to shop for are shoes. I really do love them! ha ha. Most of them can't be kept in this bottom shelf because it is pretty small. What I like to do is choose 3 or 4 pairs that I like for the season and keep them down here. Of course this gets pretty messy as well because everything from the top shelves fall down here!

I pull everything out-- and boy was I surprised to find some of this stuff! ( Please excuse the floor- I promise, I vacuumed afterwards!)

I ended up putting most of it in assigned boxes out in the garage. As for the shoes, they were placed neatly in their little cave :-D

If you want to know how I organize my clothes, you can go to this link

To put it briefly, I take out all the clothes, organize them by color, and then place them back in the closet, keeping the hangers nice and neat.

This time I left all the sweater out and folded them up to place in the main shelf...

Last but not least, I emptied my top shelf-- the purse shelf. 

Then I placed them all back in there, nice and neat

Well, here is the finished project. It only took me about an hour to do and the results are very rewarding!

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