Saturday, October 18, 2014

One Piece, Three Ways


Today I am excited to be taking Annabelle's Wig's hairpiece challenge! I'm going to start this out by saying, after trying this half-wig hairpiece, I will never bother with typical extensions again. This hairpiece blows all other extensions out of the water- it's amazing! First off, it's only one piece, so you're not dealing with several different clips. And it looks so unbelievably real, I can't get over it. Annabelle's Wigs did an incredible job matching my hair from the pictures I sent. 

So I'm going to show you gals three different ways to style this hairpiece, starting with a simple half beehive style- my personal favorite :) 

Simple Beehive
1.Use the tip of a comb to make a part from ear to ear. Clip up all of the hair in the front for now, and slide the half-wig combs in securely behind the part. 


2.Pull hair over the half wig and secure. Pull hair on each side to the back and secure with bobby pins. You can tease your hair a bit before this step for extra volume.

Octstep IMG_8157

Flower Crown
1.Slide half-wig combs, this time bringing the hair piece up further on the head. You are going to see a noticeable seam. 2.Position the flower crown over the seam- you can set it in place with bobby pins for extra security. 

Octb IMG_8562

Loose Side Ponytail
1.Pin back hair on both sides. 2. Pull all hair to one side and secure with a clip, or pony-tail holder. 3.Finish it off with a cute hair clip!
Collage Octbaba

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Mad for Plaid

IMG_9093 IMG_9116

Ever have one of those dresses that just makes you want to wear it... all of the time? This lovely little frock from Dresses2Kill does just that. I've been in love with it since day one, and have been excited to share it with you girls in an outfit post. I feel like I can finally start bringing in more Autumn styles to my ensembles, and what says fall more than red and green tartan?

IMG_9139 IMG_9135 IMG_9071

My beautiful friend, miss Sophie, surprised me with this adorable necklace a couple of weeks ago. Little did she know I had been eyeing it on ModCloth beforehand- it was such a sweet gift!

IMG_9026 IMG_9020 Collage IMG_9006
Dress: c/o Dresses2Kill
Hat: Wet Seal
Necklace: ModCloth (gift from Sophie)
Tights: old
Shoes: Ballet Bird
Purse: Dress V

Friday, October 10, 2014


IMG_8773 Octbn


I tend to lean towards quirky jewelry in general. But on occasion, there is definitely still that part of me inside that has a love for fine jewelry. Anjolee creates some of the most beautiful pieces I have seen. The quality is spot on, which is always re-assuring when you're ordering online! They design everything from custom engagement rings, to stunning diamond earrings. The minute I showed these to my mom, she was ready to snatch them up!

IMG_8888 IMG_8882
Earrings: c/o Anjolee
Hair Extensions: Annabelle's Wigs